Summer Rosters

SUMMER 2022 Registration Info Below

  1. United Release form for Summer 2022 Season <————Click Here & Print
  2. PU-Player Info Card<—————-Click Here & Print
  3. code-of-ethics-and-conduct-for-players<————-  Click Here & Print

Please follow these instructions to sign up, confirm if you will be playing or will not be playing the Summer Season by contacting Coach Alex Reizakis Direct, please do that ASAP,  phone# 774-269-6486 or send email to After that, you must Download and Print all forms above, along with full payment.  Returning Spring Players with Uniform will pay $250.00 for the Summer Season & New Players that did not play Spring Season will pay $425.00 and that will include Uniform (including Shooting Shirt, Reversible Jersey & Shorts)*! 

Please Bring Payment and Paperwork on Tuesday May 31st  or Friday June 3rd @ PSMS Gym (Plymouth South Middle School) between 6:00 PM-8:00 PM (Please communicate with Coach Alex direct if theirs any issues and either way please confirm whether you will be playing or not.)

**Please Note: Highschool Program for this Summer Season Unfortunately did not have enough players sign up to make a Team.**


Sunday Practice Team Roster(s)

(If you haven’t made an Active Roster you have been placed on a Sunday Morning Practice Team, that will practice outdoors on Sunday Mornings for 8-10 Weeks, players will work on basic skills & fundamentals in a fun outdoor environment. This practice team will not play in games.  Practice Player Fee is $250.00 includes Uniform (Reversible Jersey & Shorts). 

Junior Practice Team Roster

  • Lawson Hargrave
  • Tabor Mulligan
  • Greta Boucher
  • Jamari Joseph
  • JB Tagne
  • Shamar Tagne
  • Joe Landquist
  • Abdulrahman Marzuq
  • Patrick Khoury

Senior Practice Team Roster

  • Daniel Alexander
  • Nathan Wilbur
  • Logan Jesse
  • Cam Benefit
  • Emma Flaherty
  • Harlow Jacobo
  • Youvany Gonzalez

3rd Grade Team

  • Jacob Reizakis
  • Matthew Dimartinis
  • Luke Samarjedlis
  • Matthew Harrell
  • Caleb Bowman
  • Nolan Mahan
  • Abdullah Marzuq
  • Max Ingeno
  • Chloe Morgan
  • Callie Cotter
  • Jordan Voci
  • Colin Cote
  • Ezra Jacoba
  • Kyle Conway
  • Brennon Mcmanus

5th Grade Team

  • Lucas Gravina
  • Lucas Coye
  • Ayden Conway
  • Ben Perry
  • Ben Thibodeaux
  • Pearce Masotta
  • John Bizzozero
  • Penn Norton
  • Amicus Jacobo
  • Ryan Cardillo
  • Colin Brenner
  • Jacob Kirchdorfer

6th Grade Team

  • Cam Wilson
  • Lilly Reizakis
  • Joey Dimartinis
  • Tucker Shaughnessy
  • James Spinale
  • Breydon Simon
  • Xavier Joachim
  • Kaelob Beaumont
  • Marcus Allen
  • Lucas Barreire
  • Chase Bowman

7th Grade Team

  • Brady O’Connell
  • James Alfiere
  • Reid Morgan
  • Ben Barcellos
  • Noah Bessette
  • Coleman Brito
  • Jack Spooner
  • Jacob Parent
  • Trevor Morgan
  • Kael Waters
  • Finn Norton
  • Anthony Pena
  • Clayton Skokowski

8th Grade Team

  • Logan Volkringer
  • Zade Ciberay
  • Trevor Birch
  • Quinn Denaro
  • Tucker Murphy
  • Josh Laping
  • Alex Sarris
  • Cisco Monteiro
  • Brayden Perry
  • Ryan Apprea
  • Ty Quigg
  • Jacob Saylor

To View Summer Practice Schedule this season go to Summer Schedule Page check for Summer Practice Schedule for the week every Monday Night

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