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Please help us raise money for our program to lower costs & expenses.  In addition it will help us be able to provide better equipment for the kids and an overall better basketball experience. We hope to eventually be able to raise enough money to build a Basketball Facility for the kids. Note: We are not yet set up for online ordering yet but if you want to support the Plymouth United program & purchase a sweatshirt, t-shirt, cinch bag, pop socket contact us direct you can use the contact form below or email us direct plymouthunitedbasketball@gmail.com 

Please download & print the form below so that you can get your Apparel with the next batch order that we place, you need to turn in the form. Note: Some Apparel is in stock and doesn’t need to be ordered but most Sweatshirts & T-Shirts need to be ordered.

Plymouth United Apparel FORM

United Sweatshirts $40.00
United T-Shirts        $20.00
United Cinch Bag    $10.00
United Pop Socket  $15.00

All different Colors for our Sweatshirts & T-Shirts are below!

United Cinch Bag $10.00

united cinch bag

United Pop Socket $15.00

United Pop Socket

United Sweatshirts $40.00

United Black Sweatshirt

United Blue Sweatshirt

United Red Sweatshirt

United Light Blue Sweatshirt

United Pink Sweatshirt

United Green Sweatshirt

United Orange Sweatshirt

United Purple Sweatshirt

United Navy Sweatshirt

T-Shirts $20.00

United Black T-Shirt

United Blue T-Shirt

United Red T-Shirt

United Light Blue T-Shirt

United Pink T-Shirt

United Orange T-Shirt

United Navy T-Shirt

United Purple T-Shirt


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