Plymouth United Basketball Club established in 2011 is an extension of SPYB, we play Spring, Summer and Fall and are open to all kids from Plymouth. We started that Spring of 2011 with just 12 high school and middle school kids that wanted to play basketball all year around and improve their skills. Now we have grown into 60+ kids last Spring & multiple teams of all ages that play in the Spring, Summer & Fall.  Two of the original 12 kids are now playing basketball at the collegiate level. A few other are playing collegiate level football & baseball.  Plymouth United Basketball Club isn’t just about making kids better at basketball but better all around athletes and even better people.  We believe commitment and hard work is the true way to become successful not only in sports but also in life.  We teach basketball fundamentals while training our players to get in the best possible shape physically and mentally. Plymouth United accepts players of all skill levels to join our program if they are committed and serious about improving. This philosophy not only leads to players getting better but has lead to success on and off the court for our club members.

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