Fall Rosters

Fall 2022 Registration Info Below

  1. United Release form for Fall 2022 Season <—————-Click Here & Print
  2. PU-Player Info Card <—————-Click Here & Print
  3. code-of-ethics-and-conduct-for-players <————-  Click Here & Print

Please follow these instructions to sign up, confirm if you will be playing or will not be playing the Fall Season by contacting Coach Alex Reizakis Direct, please do that ASAP, phone# 774-269-6486 or send email to plymouthunitedbasketball@gmail.com After that, you must Download and Print all forms above, along with full payment. Returning Players with Uniform will pay $580.00 for the Fall Season & Brand New Players will pay $730.00 which will include Uniform (Reversible Jersey, Shorts, Shooting Shirt)! Please make checks out to “Alex Reizakis” Fall Season is September to November, consists of 1 or 2 practices a week, 4 tournaments, proposed tournament dates so far are September 24th/25th, October 15th/16th, October 29th/30th, November 5th/6th (More Proposed tournament dates could be announced for some Plymouth United Teams, your coach will communicate with you as soon as we know)

Please Confirm by this Friday August 26th whether you will be committing to play this Fall United Travel Season.

Plymouth United Fall Registration Night @ PSMS (Plymouth South Middle School) on Thursday September 1st 5:00-8:00 PM.  All payments and paperwork must be in by Thursday September 1st. If theirs any issues please communicate, thank you.

(Note: If you did not make a Plymouth United Travel Team, you can still sign up for SPYB Fall Rec Basketball League, details @ Southbball.com & anyone who made Plymouth United Travel can still sign up for Rec as it will not interfere with United Travel.  You can come to PSMS on Thursday September 1st to register. Any questions don’t hesitate to communicate

PU Elementary 1

  • Jacob Reizakis
  • Matthew Dimartinis
  • Matthew Harrell
  • Colin Cote
  • Ezra Jacoba
  • Caleb Bowman
  • Brennon Mcmanus
  • Nolan Mahan
  • Abdullah Marzuq
  • Amelia Nessarala

Practice Players

  • Drew Lauzon
  • Michael Nessarala
  • Chase Talent
  • Jacob Voubner

If you made the Practice Squad it’s $300.00 or $450.00 with full uniform.  “Practice players will participate in all practices but will not play in tournaments”­

PU Elementary 2

  • Lucas Gravina
  • Josh Kane
  • Riley Isa
  • Amicus Jacoba
  • Colin Brenner
  • Kaysen Newman
  • Zoey Tirlia
  • Ryan Cardillo
  • Harlow Jacobo


  • Cam Wilson
  • Joey Dimartinis
  • Lilly Reizakis
  • Tucker Shaughnessy
  • Breydon Simon
  • Xavier Joachim
  • Lucas Barreire
  • Marcus Allen
  • Logan Jesse
  • Charlie Duseau


  • Brady O’Connell
  • Noah Bessette
  • Jack Spooner
  • Ben Barcellos
  • Trevor Morgan
  • Kael Waters
  • Anthony Pena
  • Kyleigh Shea
  • Maddison Conway
  • Madelyn Eaton


  • Zade Ciberay
  • Trevor Birch
  • Quinn Denaro
  • Tucker Murphy
  • Josh Laping
  • Clayton Skokowski
  • Joe Ryan
  • Ryan Aprea
  • Alex Sarris
  • Ty Quigg
  • Jacob Saylor
  • William Antonucci


  • Isaia Ward
  • Conner Jepson
  • Liam Husband
  • Breydan Eaton
  • Josh Callahan
  • Nahzel Harrison
  • Andy Goncalves
  • Michael Reiche
  • JP Rondeau
  • Tyler Paananen
  • Nathan Lachance

Practice Players

  • Gianna Shore
  • Edison Schibley

Lady United (No Additional Fee)

  • Lilly Reizakis
  • Kyleigh Shea
  • Maddison Conway
  • Madelyn Eaton
  • Emma Flaherty
  • Sky Sherman
  • Riley Isa
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