Spring Rosters

ALL 2022 SPRING SEASON INFO POSTED BELOW (Please Read Carefully, all instructions to register below, Rosters are on this page)

  • Season will begin Tuesday March 22nd  and end June
  • All teams will practice 1 or 2 times a week. Possible Practice Nights Tuesday, Thursday, Friday.  Practice locations are in Plymouth.
  • Each Team will play in 6 tournaments from April to June ***Season fee will be $780.00 which includes personalized full uniform and warm up suit package.***
    • First Payment of $390.00 is due on Tuesday March 22nd @ PSMS (at your designated practice time below)
    • Second Payment of $390.00 is due on Tuesday April 5th @ PSMS (practice time will be announced the week of)
  • Practice player fee for the season is $450.00 that would include a full uniform. Practice Players will attend all practices but not participate in games.
    • Practice Player Fee is Due in full on Tuesday March 22nd @ PSMS (at your designated practice time below)
  • Developmental Elementary Select Team Fee is $395.00 which includes 8-10 practice sessions & Full Uniform Package that payment is due in full on Tuesday March 22nd @ PSMS. 
  • Payment: Cash or Check written to “Alex Reizakis” will be due with release form and paper work by Tuesday March 22nd.  Please contact Coach Alex ASAP to communicate if needed.
  • IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO COMMIT TO THE PROGRAM, WHETHER ON ROSTER OR PRACTICE PLAYER,  PLEASE COMMUNICATE BY TUESDAY MARCH 22ND.  Contact coach Alex directly by phone,text or email. (alexreizakis@live.com, 774-269-6486)
  • Roster may be subject to change depending on player commitment.
  • If you are not on any roster, we have a Spring Rec League Available, final sign up Monday March 21st @ PSMS 5:00-7:00 PM

PLEASE Download and Print all 3 forms below and pass in with your payment! You need all three forms filled out to participate! Thank you!

Practice Time/Sign Up Nights below

  • Tuesday March 22nd (Read Carefully):
  • 5:00-5:30 PM Elementary Select Developmental Team (JUST SIGN UPS) @ PSMS
  • 5:00-6:00 PM PU 4th Grade Practice @ PSMS
  • 6:00-7:15 PM PU 5th Grade & PU 6th Grade Practice @ PSMS
  • 7:15-8:30 PM PU 7th & PU 8th Grade Practice @ PSMS
  • 8:30-9:30 PM PU JV & PU VARSITY Practice @ PSMS

Practice Schedule will always be on United Spring Schedule Page, the schedule for the whole week is posted there——> https://plymouthunited.com/spring-schedule/


PU Elementary Select Instructional (Coach Alex (774)269-6486)

  • Caleb Bowman
  • Matthew Harrel
  • Colin Cote
  • Chase Tallent
  • Chloe Morgan
  • Abdullah Marzuq
  • Miles Currier
  • Nolan Mahan
  • Brennan Mcmanus
  • Maximus Ingeno

PU 4th Grade (Coach Alex (774)269-6486)

  • Joshua Kane
  • Lucas Gravina
  • Lucas Coye
  • Ayden Conway
  • Ben Perry
  • Amicus Jacabo
  • Jacob Reizakis
  • Matthew Dimartinis
  • John Bizzozero
  • Colin Brenner
  • Ryan Cardillo
  • Ezra Jacabo

PU 5th Grade (Coach Alex (774)269-6486)

  • Cam Wilson
  • Lilly Reizakis
  • Joey Dimartinis
  • Calvin Costa
  • James Spinale
  • Brayden Simon
  • Liam Lenios
  • Tucker Shaugnessy
  • Cooper Fry
  • Xavier Joachim
  • Kaelob Beaumont

Practice Players

  • Chase Bowman

PU 6th Grade (Coach Ahmad (774)269-6059)

  • Brady O’Connell
  • Anthony Geller
  • Reid Morgan
  • Ben Barcellos
  • Jack Spooner
  • Wes Allen
  • Rosney Kelly
  • Trevor Morgan
  • Kael Waters
  • Nolan Strofield
  • Kyleigh Shea

Practice Players

  • Skye Sherman
  • Aidan Colby
  • Anthony Pena
  • Logan Jesse
  • Addison Cheney

PU 7th Grade (Coach Ahmad (774)269-6059)

  • Zade Ciberay
  • Quinn Denaro
  • Tucker Murphy
  • Trevor Birch
  • Josh Laping
  • Alex Sarris
  • Cisco Monteiro
  • Brayden Perry
  • Jevani Lopes
  • Jacob Saylor

PU JV (Updated on 04/08/22) (Coach Thabet 781-838-2685)

  • Isaia Ward
  • Breydan Eaton
  • Edison Schibley
  • Joshua Callahan
  • Vinny Caffarellie
  • Cole Vickery
  • Nahzel Harrison
  • Caleb Costa
  • Tyler Paananen
  • Steven Chapman
  • Nathan Lachance
  • Connor Sullivan

PU Varsity (Coach Thabet 781-838-2685)

  • Pete Lamborn
  • Ricky Sheppard
  • CJ Brenton
  • Chris Kane
  • Eric Barriero
  • Aidan Grant
  • Matt Braun
  • Colin Delaney
  • Andrew Jacobson
  • Joe Fish
  • Will Gately

PU Girls Team

  • Lilly Reizakis
  • Kyleigh Shea
  • Skye Sherman
  • Addison Cheney

*** Schedule To Be Determined ***

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